Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cleveland Museums

Whether you are visiting Cleveland or whether you have lived in Cleveland your whole life, the museums of Cleveland should not be missed. I have lived in some major cities, but the vast uniqueness of the Cleveland museums will always be special.

Reviews and more information will be posted as available.

The Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum

Great Lakes Science Center

Western Reserve Historical Society

Lakewood Historical Society

Polka Hall of Fame

Degenhart Paperweight Museum

A Christmas Story House

Museum of Contemporary Art at Cleveland

International Womens Air and Space Museum

Steamship William G. Mather Maritime Museum

Cleveland Children's Museum

Cleveland Police Museum

Hungarian Heritage Society Museum

Ukranian Museum-Archives

Dunham Tavern Museum

Shaker Historical Museum

Euclid Historical Museum

Brooklyn Historical Society Museum

Little Italy Historical Museum

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Dittrick Museum of Medical History

Harbor Heritage Society

South Euclid Historical Society

Spirit Tree

Multimarital Arts Hall of Fame

Kerry's Garage

Mill Creek Falls History Center

African American Museum

Baseball Heritage Museum

Maltz Jewish Museum

Bedfore Historical Society

Rose Hill Museum

Croatian Heritage Museum

The Matinee

A few years ago, when I was still actually in Cleveland, I was pretty heavily involved in the music scene. I had been in local bands and even a few touring bands. Those experiences were some of my favorite memories of Cleveland and of all time.

The music scene in Cleveland was always very "unique" to say the least. There really were and are a lot of amazing bands that are playing some great music. The bands however, the ones I was in included, seemed to only be looking out for themselves, unless helping another band would be useful. The promoters, venues, and fans did little to dissuade these types of interactions. It was almost as if each band was their own high school football team.

I think most of this type of thought process may come from the underdog idea of Cleveland, and that musicians especially see themselves as some of the greatest underdogs of all time. They have to fight to get anywhere, to achieve anything, and it takes a lot to try to help someone else out along the way.

There were small pockets of DIY venues, and some of the larger venues had their favortie local bands, and there were some other smaller cliques of bands throughout the Cleveland area. The bands in these groups tended to help each other out, but again, not much in the sense of a broad music community. However, this was all over three years ago, so hopefully things have changed.

For Cleveland to be successful and for the Cleveland music scene to be successful, those that are there have to want to be there and have to work together and look at the larger picture outside of themselves. Don't take this as some utopian idea, but more of a nuts and bolts effort to show some pride in others around the city.

The reason for this entire post was that I learned of a new venue The Matinee moving to Cleveland. Apparently the owner has a club in the Akron area and is now opening a club here. What really intrigued me the most about this club, however, was the location. It is between the Ohio City and Tremont neighborhoods, an area that as far as I have seen has been underdeveloped or under utilized. I have not been in a while so please update me if need be. After seeing how the Beachland Ballroom has helped grow the Waterloo/Collinwood area, I have a lot of hope for the Matinee. It would be great if the Matinee can connect the Tremont and Ohio City areas a little more. The Matinee can be a reminder to residents that while they are residents of niche neighborhoods, that they are also residents of the rest of Cleveland, and that they should take pride in the other residents in the rest of Cleveland.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cleveland Brewed Beers

The only thing that I can think of that is better than drinking beer in Cleveland is drinking Cleveland beers in Cleveland. I know that there are some more breweries, and one moving into the Tyler Elevator building complex as well. More will ave to come later because I can't remember the name. Elliot Ness is currently my favorite. Check out the reading materials for all you've ever wanted to know about brewing beer in Cleveland, and more.

Great Lakes Brewery

Mad Brewer

Black Box Brewing Company

Buckeye / Beer Engine Brewing

Cleveland Neighborhoods

I will be in Cleveland this summer for a job. I plan to be in Cleveland about a year from now looking to either buy or rent. I have spent much time remembering and learning all about the unique Cleveland neighborhoods.

-Asia Town
-Detroit Shoreway
-Gordon Square Arts District
-Ohio City
-Slavic Village
-Little Italy
-Shaker Square
-University Circle
-The Design District

Cleveland Theater

I am currently taking a seminar on Theater Law. I never really had a large interest in theater, but wanted to take something somewhat cultural. The aim of the course is to recognize and understand the role of theater in the community and to recognize the needs and desires of those in the theater community. My mind has been opened to the idea of theater.

Obviously I have also been intrigued by the Gordon Square Arts District, which I first experienced on the emerging Cleveland tour. Below find theater things to do in Cleveland. Updates and reviews will be put up as available.

-Cleveland Public Theatre
-Cleveland Theater Collective
-Near West Theatre
-Playhouse Square
-The Cleveland Playhouse
-The Beck Center for the Arts (Lakewood)
-Chagrin Valley Little Theater (Chagrin Falls)
-Cleveland Signstage Theater
-Liminis Theater (Tremont)
-Dobama Theater (Cleveland Heights)
-East Cleveland Theater
-Kalliope Stage (Cleveland Heights)
-Cain Park (Cleveland Heights)

Performance Groups:
-Something Dada

This Blog

This blog is aimed at past, present, and future Clevelanders. This blog is for Clevelanders young and old. This blog is for the young professionals in Cleveland reversing the "brain drain." This blog is for the politically charged Clevelanders fighting to make Cleveland a world class city with great mid west people. This blog is for Clevelanders who make Cleveland such an artistically cultured city, and for the Clevelanders who love being cultured. This blog is for sports fans, restaurant connoisseurs, musicians, academics, sailors, theatre patrons, skiiers, writers, photographers, partiers, hikers, and everyone else who makes up the great mix of Cleveland.

This blog is all about my connection back to Cleveland. I am currently pursuing a graduate degree which has taken me all over the country for the past few years. I was born and lived most of my life in Cleveland and always wanted to leave. Now that I have left for a few years, and have lived in some large cities all over the US, I am ready to come back.

Cleveland is one of those cities that breeds people who want to leave until they leave and realize that Cleveland is really where they wanted to be. It takes some people longer to figure out that Cleveland is where they should be, but if they are supposed to be there they will. Then, the people who left end up spending all their time trying to convince everyone else to stay in Cleveland or to move back. This blog is my attempt.

This blog is my contribution to spread awareness about Cleveland, the great people, and the amazing opportunities. This blog is also a tool to combat all of the negativity that people, mostly Clevelanders themselves, bring on to the city. It is a challenge to those who have left to come back and for those who are there to enjoy and to make a difference. Finally, I want to use this blog to find and remember all of the cool things that I must do once I get back to Cleveland.

Special thanks to for the great Cleveland photo I am using as my header. You really have to check out his photography, it is amazing.

Cleveland Sports Teams

Since this is the first post I thought I'd start with something easy, Cleveland sports teams. I'm sure I'm missing some, let me know. Having lived in or near three major cities in the past 3 years (not including Cleveland), I can vouch that Cleveland has the greatest fans and the teams with the biggest hearts. I have become dependent on the sports teams as my main connection back to Cleveland. So if you are living there now, or visiting any time soon, please make it out to some games.

Most of you will know the football, baseball, and basketball teams. However, please check out the hockey, soccer, and yes, roller derby teams as well!

-Cleveland Browns (NFL)

-Cleveland Gladiators (AFL)

-Cleveland Indians (MLB)

-Lake County Captains (MiLB)

-Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)

-Cleveland City Stars (USL)

-Lake Erie Monsters (AHL)

Roller Derby:
-Burning River Roller Girls (WFTDA Compliant League)